Gate Valves         


Gate Valves are Isolation Valves with generally two seats and a gate moving up and down by use of a stem operated either by Wheel, Gear or Actuator. Gate Valves is always bi-directional.

Gate Valves looks similar to a Globe Valves from the outside due to the fact that they often are producers from the same body and it could be a challenge to recognize a Gate Valve from a Globe Valves.  However the Globe Valves should be easy recognized since it always has an arrow on the body which is grinded off on a Gate Valves. This arrow also defines the flow direction of the Globe Valves.


  • Gate-Valve-dwg

    Gate Valve

    Gate Valves are mainly used for isolation

  • Well head valves are always Gate Valves

  • Gate Valves could be damaged if it is operated during production or when there is a differential pressure over the Gate Valves.


  • Gate Valves could have fixed or floting seats- expanding or parallel gate

  • Trough conduit or normale wedge Gate Valves – reversed or normal operated

  • In general there are a lot of different models and options of the Gate Valves. This might cause some confusion when Gate Valves of different types and brands are installed on the same location.