Butterfly Valves         


Butterfly ValvesButterfly Valves are designed to be operated with differential pressure over the valve and while there is process flow in the line, and it might be used as a rough control Valve.

Butterfly Valves are 90 deg (quarter turn) operated valves.

  • Operation: By a quarter turn rotating of a disc placed in the center of the Butterfly Valve it is either fully open or fully closed. You will of cause not achieve full bore with a Butterfly Valve.
  • The most common Butterfly Valve is the rubber lined valve with wafer connection.
  • This type of Butterfly Valve is a weight and space saving valve who allows on/off process control.
  • To avoid erosion a Butterfly Valve should always be operated either fully open or fully closed.
  • Any other position will over time cause damage on the disc. By checking a disconneceted disc you can easily see if the Butterfly Valve has been partly open/closed.


Butterfly Valves are supplied with three different connections.

• Wafer type Butterfly Valve.

• Laug type Butterfly Valve.

• Flange type Butterfly Valve.

NB: Independent of end connection the Butterfly Valve will keep the same operation features as any similar Butterfly Valve.